Thursday, 31 December 2009

What Would Marilyn Do?

most people who study fashion have a favourite designer the way i work is derieving my inspiration from a person. her name is Norma Jean Baker. but you probably know her as Marilyn Monroe. most of my blogs so far are about what i bought or things i have seen and liked. this is slightly more personal. i see alot of simalarity with marilyn its about putting on your best face to look beautiful but still hiding feelings of unworthyness under the pretty clothes and jewellery. in my course this year i have struggled to find who I am both as a designer and person with bouts of low self esteem as much as i love fashion there is greater talents than me out there, its a fiercely competitive business with little or no chance for sucess just like the acting business.
Marilyn herself came from a very unglamourous backround  but took every chance she could to better and suceed in life i find that so inspiring, however unlike Marilyn I hope i grow enough to be content with who I am & with whatever career in life i end up taking.

 as Marilyn herself once quoted
" everyone is a star & deserves the right to twinkle"
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Anonymous said...

Hi rosie (: you may remember me, you took my photo.. girl with the bright pink maxi skirt? well Im so glad you did! I love your blog, I never knew there was like a community of people that loved so many fabulous lovely things. I too love photography, although I'm not so good at taking the pictures yet. I got my first camera - a canon EOS 1100D - for my birthday but i need some major pratice or lessons or sumting.. anyhoo I this was just really ment to be a thanks :) rhonaxx