Tuesday, 22 December 2009

shopping shopping shopping!

You can definatly tell how much I love doing fashion with these little buys, a pincushion necklace & measuring tape shoes!

Just been shopping in edinburgh. how much do I ADORE cockburn street. they must have the best shops in scotland!!!
this was a present. i like homemade mad kitch jewellery its from Pie In the Sky.

although i was meant to be christmas shopping for others i did end up treating myself to a pair of shoes i havent spent money on myself for months now im moving out my flat I wont be broke every month! and as you can see they arent just any shoes they are my fav shoe brand irregular choice i picked these up in schuh for £59.99. a bit over my usual budget but they are showstoppers.


on my list i still had to buy for was my parents, greg, my friends alison & shiobhan and for one of my nieces. I only managed to buy half of alisons and a teaparty set for my niece. its so hard at christmas everyone stands still and you cant get past so frustrating.
so im off shopping today with one of my sisters! better luck today i hope.
rosie xo

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