Wednesday, 24 February 2010

betsey johnstone. will some american girl please adopt me so we can go shopping here.

the dresses are like candy. i found a betsey johnstone outlet during my visit to florida. but the gorgeous little dresses price tags would have been blowing my whole spending allowance for the entire holiday in one go.
i had to make do with going to maceys and having to treat myself to a little pair of bow earrings & a ring by the designer.

today as i posted earlier. I had my university interview I was a little bit wowed by the college its so huge! I've applied for womanswear & fashion communications fingers crossed for me I get accepted its all i've dreamed off since I was a little girl. we stayed in the most romantic old mansion the night before I felt like a princess, maybe even a little bit marie antoniette.

Love Rosie xo

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