Wednesday, 3 February 2010

never mind the ... dead fashion icons.

i must say. the sex pistols are over-rated.
they were... terrible to say the least.
i am writing a essay on a theme of ''Chaos'' one of the themes for our fashion show it derives its inspiration from the punk movement.
I love the involvement of westwood & mclaren who cleverly dressed the pistols in there d.i.y outfits at there first gigs the punk look spread like wild fire.
 i dont condone the violence and drugs associated with them but i do love the punk ideals. shunning the expected and embracing the brillance of rebellion we once all felt as teenagers wearing a ludacriously short outfit or just shunning the trend.

heres the nancy look below....

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Kionon said...

You know, quite a few of my students in Japan are getting into the Sex Pistols, and I think Nana (Mika Nakashima) had a lot to do with that.

Frankly, I never liked the Pistols, and agree with your views that they were... well... awful.

I'd rather vintage Madonna, actually.