Saturday, 6 March 2010

fashion classes.

here is some of my class work as I realise I have actually never posted any on my blog before the first two are from my first year portfolio I turned Burlesque into Marie Antoniette, Colour Pop into Dolly Mixture because the theme names picked were a bit bland for me.
the one beneath is a final outcome for my Nostalgia dress (Alice in Wonderland) and the polaroid shows my finished dress. yes there is alot of overuse of pink.

here is one of the units im working on at the minute its a work in progress its to design a skirt for a subculture mines was 'sista' you can define it more as street,ghetto apparel those stars are from stencils i have made i use coloured hair spray instead of spray paint so it doesnt soak through the pages.

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