Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lost and Lovely Things...

I love when you are tidying your room and you discover 'lost' items, such as my scrap book which had these gorgeous postcards in them, the series are 'clarity, care & protect' I think I may have snaffled them from a cinema or clothes shop I think they were actually flyers advertising some sort of sunglasses. I had to upload them!

How adorable is the little boy in the backround in this one?

"Paint rainbows all around her, dont let her see a cloudy sky"

 Finally found! my charm bracelet down the side of my bed.I've been collecting charms since I was fifteen, this bracelet is pretty much complete but I've lost a dice, mermaid & lovebirds to date need to buy some new ones!

The charms currently on my bracelet are, balletshoes, ballerina, safety pin, kitten, teddybear, handbag, highheels, a rose and a claddagh heart.

I've noticed there is a trend again for charm bracelets with brands such as pandora, truth etc, although I have a beautiful truth bracelet myself & adore it I think the old fashion charm bracelets tell storys and are much more personal.

http://www.rainylittleday.blogspot.com/ by darling Clare its such a beautiful little blog I am much in love with it,its just full of prettyness.its like a dollshouse she also has the most amazing illustrations on her site Lost Kitty.

Love Rosie xo


Kaleena J. said...

I LOVE when this happens. I also love finding stuff in my old purses and pockets. Awesome feeling.

Clare said...

Oh beautiful, a charm bracelett. I have one too. Would you be interested in doing a charm swap? I'll find an appropriately gorgeous charm, you send me one? :)

Emma Louise said...

Tidying my room always takes way longer than it needs to because I get so distracted by random little things that I'd forgotten all about.
Lovely post..actually makes me want to tidy my room!