Thursday, 19 August 2010

1 gig, 1 official date and lots of new york wishes.

hello beautiful boys and girls!
today I went on a date with a very special boy! i went a bit ott with topshop items and raided my mothers jewellery box for a vintage cameo brooch. our date was to see 'toystory 3' I am a huge disney fan although I am more into the older 'disney princess' type films I love the craftsmanship and knowing every detail is done purely by hand not machine. Heres hoping he will be my prince charming!

anyway since I am such a hopeless romantic I have made a 'little book of america' for ''himself'' as he loves america as much as I love hellokitty.
I plan to do every major city until I get bored... (this little project will probably never be completed!)

apart from spending time with himself I went to see BLINK 182! they opened in scotland! oh yes. and I screamed like a little groupie!
fashion tip. do not wear oversized tshirts to gigs, you come home feeling like you got in a shower no matter how gig chic you looked before.
Yes Blink were amazing memories of too much eyeliner and first converse. Scottish support band Twin Atlantic were the one of the best alternate bands I have seen in ages!

and thankyou to jaqueline for purchasing me a beautifully tacky pink wristband I will treasure it forever.

this week I plan to do a really pretty photoshoot and post it up! weather permitting.
Hope all my beautiful readers are well and hello to new followers!

Love Rosie xoxoxo


Elaine said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Did you mean that you'd like me to paint something for you? That sounds like fun :) Would you like to do a trade or something?
By the way, I'm slightly jealous that you got to see Blink-182! I used to love them when I was younger (and I suppose I still do). It must have been so much fun!

Louise said...

Wooooah, you're right, that is an ambitious project! Cute x

alexis.x said...

SOOO jealous you got to see blink! Im hoping they make there way to Australia soon! Been waiting many years for their re-appearence he he!

thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! ur posts are so lovely!

would love to see some of those templates you were talking about!

Im completely clueless on drawing at the moment. Im hoping to get into uni next year and start getting creative!

keep up the great posts!