Friday, 27 August 2010

bobbles, birthdays,bangles & beads...

                I love unusual trinkets... it looks like a cigar box when infact...

TAA DAA... its bursting with trinkets such as perfumes, bows, tickets, lovenotes,ribbons

It was my lovely friend steph's birthday, Like me she's addicted to shopping, fashion and drawn to the elegance of 50's movie stars. So she demanded a homemade card for her birthday I spent hours ripping up magazines and cutting up polaroids...add a bow and VOILA! I also mixed her up a cd with the cheesy rubbish she loves (wham!wake me up before you go go! - her favourite, she once sang it to a date, I dont think he was impressed teehee) along with breezy tones of passion pit and bombay bicycle club. Heres the card I made her: I hate my handwriting here!

and her cheeseyliscous mixed cd!
with a fabric heart... cut out poorly :(

Heres the some of the listings on the cd for your pleasure:

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Starfucker vs Cyndi Lauper
Bombay Bicycle Club -Already Know

                                             Heavens On Fire - The Radio Dept
                                             Hounds Of Love- Kate Bush
                                                    Sleepyhead - Passionpit
                                   Undercover Martyn- Two Door Cinema Club
                                              Once & Never Again - The Long Blondes
                                           Dont You Want Me Baby - Human League
                                         Hong Kong Garden - Siousxie & The Banshees
                                                             Take On Me- Aha
                                                           Wake Me Up- Wham!
                                                    Prince Charming - Adam Ant
                                                              Gold- Spandeu
                                                            Close to Me - The Cure
                                                        99 Red Balloons - Blondie

if you love Marilyn Monroe you may be interested to know I have began working on a fan
site: it won't be complete for a little while but as
soon as I'm settled into uni and have more free time it will be complete.

My halls of residence terms and conditions states I cannot 'pin' or 'bluetack' things to my wall
ha we shall see! I WILL have a pretty room! Anyone else looking forward to freshers week or returning to studies?

P.S congratulations to my beautiful friend carlie on the birth of her babyboy leighton can't want to visit get a cuddle
my lovely cousin lynsey & her partner mike on the birth of there gorgeous perfect in everyway daughter
abby louise!

Love Rosie


Kaleena J. said...

Hey! I love little trinkets too! :-) you should see my bookshelf, it's suffocating in trinkets.

greystrawberrys said...

I missed your blog :) Beautiful phones and great tunes. Hope you have a fantastic time at university!! :) I'm glad to have finished and to have ££ again. Which university are you at?

Much love xox

Abi Rose said...

cute photos x

Jess said...

I've always liked cigar boxes! What a great idea to use one as a trinket box

Clazzerati said...

what a lovely blog you have! Can i get a copy of that mix-tape please?! x

abigail oliveros said...

thank you a great bunch for stopping by my blog!

I haven't heard of two door cinema club yet but I will start listening to them. Thank you for the suggestion! I want to visit the UK so badly. It looks so beautiful!

This summer I've been broken hearted by a boy but that was not my aim for my bucket list. I want to experience broken hearted by being overwhelmed of seeing poverty, killing of animals etc. I've experience the typical broken hearted by a boyfriend many times at once this summer and my recovery was slow and painful. We broke up the beginning of July. :(

hope to hear from you soon
love, abigail