Sunday, 10 October 2010

''lectures are more or less like mini fashion shows''

 Hello beautiful readers! Firstly happy birthday to my dear little pixie friend Miranda happy 20th birthday I hope it is filled with sparkles and lots of clothes. Secondly apologies for the well overdue update, internet connections in my halls of residence can't even be picked up by my laptop and I've been unable to write/type due to nerve damage in my fingers/hands.
Studying fashion at university is much watching a mini fashion show, on lecture days I love seeings what everyone is wearing as they enter the lecture hall. Being a small town girl where fashion or self expression isn't particulary big its nice to find a place full of like minded people who are clearly 'individuals' some of them have amazing style! I'm also lucky to have flatmates who are such a sweet bunch of girls and speak to some lovely people in & around campus.

As always for you who have followed this blog for a while know my love for pretty trinkets
there earrings are from acessorize they do the sweetest earrings. the first set are rather teaparty/alice in wonderlandish no sets are the same so I can mix and match them!

Just now I love preppy fashions, theres alot of focus on cute socks and tights, cosy knits, crisp shirts, 'granny' colour palettes and a little bit of tartan.

 Here is a lovely little shirt and skirt I bought from H&M, worn with black socks layered over tights and brogues. My favourite bit of the shirt is the little black bow adorable. I might team this with skinnies jeans for a more casual look.

these are a few pieces I picked up shopping in edinburgh
the lacey top is a staple item and goes with anything I have it under jumps suits/play suits.
the socks are again H&M I tried them on with brogues but think they may look better under biker boots for a girly twist. the cardigan was tkmaxx (the half hour of browsing through crap pays off) I love the lacy back.

what fashions are you into just now?

p.s thankyou to the lovely ladies from my lectures who are now following my blog!

Love Rosie xoxo

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Martine : D said...

Must be fun to study fashion! What do you want to do with it later? At the moment I wear brown and camel colours all the time!