Tuesday, 2 November 2010

girls just want to have fun...

oh daddy dear you know your
still number one
but girls they want
to have fun

   friendship is laughing with eachother and not at eachother. friendship is letting your friends wear your
new dress before you have. friendship is sharing a toothbrush after a crazy night. friendship is wiping away eachother mascara tears. friendship is taking lots and lots of photos. friendship is helping eachother walk in outrageously high stilettos. friendships is painting eachothers nails pretty colours. friendship is the little bit of glitter on a party dress. friendships is the same story told a million times over that is always still so funny. friendship is holding hands and skipping.
friendship is the text that makes you know everything will be ok

friendship is a pink firework shooting off and turning into a million stars

                                          friendship is more precious than the diamond on your tiffany ring
                                          friendship is a little daisy chain, linked together and always beautiful.


Kaleena J. said...


Martine : D said...

thanks for commenting back! that sounds great! Sometimes I'd like to work in fashion later too but I don't know in what way..What I would most like would of course be a model or a designer ; )

greystrawberrys said...

Really inspirational <3

Hope your well. P)


Alice In Fashionland said...

Pretty pictures. I like what you wrote, though i'm not sure I would let my friends wear my new dress before i do! ;-)

miaou miaou said...

MISS YOU!!! :) Hope your okay!! xox

Abigail Donaldson said...

I absolutely love your writing Rosie it's so fun to read. xx