Friday, 10 December 2010

stuck in the 50s fairytale.

as you may know I would quite happily run around in 50's prom dresses and carry a parasol under my
arm. while its wintertime I am quite happy to snuggle up with a fur coat (faux of course darlings) lacey
gloves and some sort of hat/head apparel. I jumped a bus with my beautiful boy to the capital and had
a dreamy lust around the vintage shops playing dressup and a little daunder in the fairground. is there anything better than the scent of hot waffles toasting and candyfloss being spun?
                                      p.s kind thankyou to the people of armstrongs vintage who let me demolish/take photos of there shop

                                                       '' and we burst like colours and carousels''


miaou miaou said...

Beautiful photos, as always. Love the colours, they are so vibrant! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years <3


Alice In Fashionland said...

Lovely pictures!

Thekla said...

WOW amazing photos i must admit<3333:)))))) hope you visit my blog,you might like it:)x

LadyNoir said...

Lovely :*:*


Claire Alexandra said...

these pictures are stunning. You have an amazing blog

C & M said...

we must say that we LOVE YOUR BLOG! <3 the photos are so amazing and cute and this blog really makes us smile :):) keep posting! We'll follow<3
xoxo C& M