Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Lady Gaga goes Gaga for mac
the  MAC Viva Glam Launch held at Ill Bottaccio, London this month she is teaming up with another style legend Cyndi Lauper. The collection is being released to support awareness about social issues with woman & HIV/Aids awareness. I predict a bigger sales in the Gaga lipstick.

I bought an amazing Lady Gaga tshirt from Swish in edinburgh and the cutest playsuit will post photos as soon as. Went to see Alice In Wonderland in 3D stunning visually. As for the costumes, beautiful in one word. Everytime Alice shrinks or grows her dress changes to a even cuter couture piece. I'm in love with the White Queen think I may end up dying my hair white. The Mad Hatters scarf I want it! Liquorice Assort pattern would look gorgeous on a 50s style prom dress with a bright red petticoat underneath .Depp himself was one of my favourites in the film he is even charming made up with orange eyebrows. The film itself isn't the same story as the original disney version more an Alice Returns To Wonderland would have been a better description.But none the less grab your 3D specs ( i took mine home hoping everything would work in 3D) for a treat for the eyes.


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