Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lookbook is a site most fashionistas despair to be part off.
with its cliquey 'invite only' to gain access to the site or the waiting list where you have to be approved,is it really up to some adminstrator to decide whose style of an acceptable enough standard like bouncers in exclusive clubs deciphering between letting someone in because of there lack of dress code fearing the elite might not want to mingle with the not so Channeled out partygoers?  However on the flipside this rule prevents the site from being cluttered up with myspace pouting teenagers whose fashion fix is the next edition of look. Most of the photography wouldnt look out of place in a fashion magazine like americas Nylon along with some impeccable styling. The only thing that troubles me about Lookbook is the amount of scarily skinny girls, a thing fashion should stop trying to promote on its catwalks and push in its advertising campaigns (thank god for gok). I know some people this is in there genetics and live a healthy lifestyle but there is some painfully thin girls on that site. Apart from everyone listing themselves as fashion designers, photographers etc Lookbook is a great resource site for picking up fashion tips and eyeing up pretty clothes I couldnt afford if i wanted to.... LookBook's ''LookBook" can be found for free in any american apparel store featuring 77 of its best dressed ..

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