Friday, 23 April 2010

apologies for the long hiatus.

Green Finch and Linnet bird, Nightingale, Black bird teach me how to sing.
if I cannot fly. Let me sing.

I've shamefully abandoned my blog for a short while, I've had alot of time catching up with college work and spending alot of time with my friends and family who have been so wonderful these past few months where I've lost alot of confidence and had a bit of heartbreak. During the easter holidays my parents booked me into the Albany Boutique Hotel in edinburgh which was just beautiful. The little room I had was a Tim Burton princesses dream.It was all damask, black or birdcage themed wall paper, the lights are dimmed so the hotel is constantly dark and the bedding has a lovely velvet feel!LUXURY I was also informed on my stay the hotel was once a back street doctors and had alot of ghostly goings on. Needless to say I slept with the light on.

here are some photos I took, I used my mums camera so excuse the quality.

I done the bus tour with my parents and was desperate to see the underground vaults at mary queens close but felt ill and had to go back to my little 'goth princess' room. Later with a carton of apple juice in hand  I had a trip to Harvey Nichols they have a revolving pudding restraunt its so cute!I was slightly unwilling to leave a baby pink Vivianne Westwood cardigan behind (sigh).
 I bought a lovely outfit from topshop that I'll post in my next blog.

I really did have a lovely time thankyou mum and dad x

more posts as soon as I find my camera cord
Love Rosie xo

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Alice In Fashionland said...

Love the clock above the fireplace... really cute!