Friday, 2 April 2010

moving moving.... goodbye for a little bit

                                        HER NAME IS CUPCAKE
                                            is moving to a domain soon


                       I apologise about the lack of updates, I have recieved
a conditional for fashion communications at university so I need to really work hard in class and have my outfits ready for my fashion show in May. But I'll have my new link up soon.
So excited to show you my photography and my finished outfits

        Love and Hugs 
Rosie xo


hiven said...

congrats! good luck.
your blog&photos are sooo cute :)

RoseBarbie said...

Hey, just found ur blog on Ifb...I followed you...please follow me too?

What makes a beautiful life? said...

OMG that cupcake is super cute! I would keep it forever!

here's my blog: