Friday, 30 April 2010

when is fashion. NOT fashion?

''sometimes I think life would be easier if I werent so pretty''

The front page of the Daily Mail today reported of Victoria Beckams new fashion collection wowing even the harshest critics. Sorry miss Beckam it takes more than a team of designers working under your name and a good bit of PR work to convince me your a Designer or actually had some creative output on a label that is in your name. Its laughable. This comes from the woman labelled as a wag with her fake boobs, fake extensions etc who is now being coaxed into wearing flat shoes and removing her implants in a desperate bid to fit in with the fashion world, Audrey Hepburn did the black shift dress, Chanel and ballet shoes & sunglasses in the 50s darling your nothing new. Victoria puts people like me trying to achieve fashion degrees to shame, I'm saving every penny to put myself through university just like many other young designers in the making working our asses off to create collections (OURSELVES) the whole design, pattern and working process will one day be competing in the market against someone  who probably couldnt switch a sewing machine on incase she breaks a nail.

I hope you agree.

Love Rosie xo

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Trixie ;D said...

Hehe Rosies little bitchy side coming through.
I totally agree though fashion is cut throat and it's a long hard road to the top.
She'll never ever get the credit or respect for what her label produces if she has no real imput. It's not the same as working your way up and being a real successful designer.
-Trix x