Friday, 30 April 2010

D.I.Y for girls.

If you've read this months ID magazine. punk is in. studs&spikes are the new sequins.heres a little tutorial that is easy to do, I've even photographed the steps so you cant go wrong. this works well on updating items such as denims/checked shirts for summer or even your converse
I'm using the same process for a coat I'm doing for a fashionshow.

you will need:

  • iron on interfacing: helps make your fabric not flimsy so ur studs/spikes stay sitting up

  • selection of spikes/studs your choice i recommend

  • an awl.
If you material is quite soft or your planning on making a patch cut the interfacing, turn your clothing inside out and simply iron onto the back off it. Iron does need to be at the top temprature, do not touch straight away!

Next all you need to do it make a hole in the fabric with the awl. usually you may have to stretch it out a little bit for the screw to fit through the material. Next just fix top of the spike onto the screw and voila. Your punk.

if you end up using this tutorial please send me your finished results

Love Rosie

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Darling L said...

Nice link! Thanks for sharing! :)