Wednesday, 5 May 2010

dress me cupcake.

She was a cupcake of a girl. She liked to dress in pretty things.
A pretty dress for each day of the week (and a wish that it wouldnt rain so much)


These beautiful little carefree dainties are from topshop, I got them in the sale after having my beady little eye on them for some time I snaffled them both up, Along with the long pearl necklace
below. when I wear it in class I can easily be identified where I am as it makes a loud tinkling sound
when I am fussing about bit like a kitten with a bell on her collar.

how cute are the little horses on the carousel? I love how this looks
decidely vintage but isnt.
I would love you wear this little outfit on a date.Someone want to take me for icecream soda & pink macaroons please?

Can you see my audrey hepburn postcards on my wardrobe I know she would defiantly approve of this little get up. Talking off audrey I'm feeling a little poorly. I might cuddle up with my own kittycat, hotchocolate with marshmallows & watch breakfast at tiffanys to cheer me up

Love Rosie xo


Amy said...

The are such adorable dress and I really like the carousel necklace :) Cute blog!

Mart.ine : D said...

I like these dresses : ) very spring-ish.

Mart.ine : D said...

I like these dresses :) very spring-ish..

Alice In Fashionland said...

Kitty cat cuddling is always a good plan.

Lovely dresses!

c'est freak, le chic said...

That's a beautiful little necklace.

greystrawberrys said...

how beautiful is that necklace? :) I'm really selective about vintage style nicknacks, but this looks amazing. Ahhh I'm wanting some hot chocolate and marshmellows right now...