Tuesday, 4 May 2010

50s summer trend. my grandmother did it before.

Isn't she pretty? no she's not some unknown 50s hopeful movie star shes actually my gran.
Going through some of the new collections from topshop I couldn't help think of this photo is so simaliar to some of the clothes I have seen her wear in my dads photo album as a young girl.
The 1950s style is easy to copy and both versatile it suits all shapes, And can be dressed up or down to be suited with casual day shopping or at an after catwalk party. Its a quirky but sexy trend that never seems to go out of style and is defiantly one of my favourite I adore playsuits,rollers in my hair and bright red marilyn lips. Below is another photo of her arm and arm with my grandad how cute, Judging from the backround of the photo the are walking along the Blackpool promanade.
 Dont these gorgeous dresses below from http://www.modcloth.com/ (please check there site for prices,availability & info) resemble her cute style? team up with a pair of brogues (I'm sure thats what she is wearing) and a petticoat, red lipstick and your good to go. Its like dressing up for grownup girls.

Another site showing some 50s love is http://www.dollydagger.co.uk/ they sell beautiful 50s swing dresses in bright candy colours perfect for girls
who have Prom and Graduation balls coming up and who prefer polkadots over sequins and Tarina Tarantino over diamonds.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, go bribe your best friend to put some rollers in your hair
and purchase a little 50's dress for a summers picnic!
Love Rosie xo


Dylana Suarez said...


Just came across your blog!

It is lovely!


Trixiebelle said...

Fit gran Rosie!

I love this post. :) 50's style is classy yet quirky and also very flattering on most people.

I'm going to link to this on my blog because it's adorable. <3

-Trix =D

Trixiebelle said...

Linkage to my response to this post. =)


NikkiDee said...

that is so cool, the picture of your grandmother! 50's fashion is so great, flirty and fun

Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks