Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fashion Show. Behind the scenes!


 Hello darlings! Come have a look backstage at my end of year fashion show. Yes I got my dress and jacket finished in time
I'm looking like I'm up to mischief and  standing behind the most beautiful painting, if I could have stole it without anyone noticing I would have.

follow us backstage!! isnt her hair like parmaviolets?

heres my little 'Alice & The Keys' Dress complete with ribbon tie peterpan collar & heart shaped buttons

theres lots of pretty girls and outfits to be found!

heres a little group photo of mostly students. I have the  red stripey tshirt on here the mad hair styles are due to us pestering the hair and beauty students allocated to the models
for a little turn of feeling pretty too!

walk. walk. fashion baby.
the models having a quick run through.

heres my little punk jacket complete with spikes & broken tartan heart.
hope you like it!

 There was lots of beautiful collections by the 3rd years from sexy lace to sailor pretty, along with our themes of Chao's, Sinister, Opulance,Exploration and Nostalgia unfortunatly I didnt get a chance to take photos of the catwalk show since we got stuck behind stage but i will try to get a hold of some.
. hope you like what you see so far
Love Rosie


NikkiDee said...

i love that jacket! make me one? ;]

greystrawberrys said...

Wow! Those clothes look great! :D I Love the jacket and all the clothes! :D Everything looks so professional!


Krimly said...

lovely photos!!


Trixiebelle said...

I love the jacket too! <3

I used your picture of it for the main pic on my piece about going to the fashion show. :) Hope that's okay, you're credited underneath the pic and then at the bottom of the article I've linked back to your blog for anyone wanthing the backstage goss.

Wish I'd taken my camera to the show but I'm not sure I would have been allowed. I could only find a picture of Kat's dress and I wanted to write about a few more. :(

-Trixiebell xo