Thursday, 17 June 2010

lets capture summer in a polaroid darling.

would just love to let everyone know thats me now awaiting to hear if I have passed my course in fashion and if I can take up a place at university. I apologise about the lack off updates I have been staying in college till 8 each night making sure I have everything done will get back into the routine of updating
regularly. Its my 22nd Birthday tommorow I am having a sort of Alice in Wonderland themed party
by that I mean Cupcakes and Vodka and the dress code is anything pretty.
Will update in the next few days. Have lots of photos to put up.

Lots of Love

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Carlie said...

Rosie your so talented hunni <3 this girl is thee most stylish, tallented, kindest most special girl i know! your going to go far i just know it :) i lovee ur blog its so fab and cuteee.
love you sunshine