Friday, 25 June 2010

summer treats!

Summer is here! I spent yesterday sitting in the garden with my beautiful friend siobhan with strawberry, daisies chains and alot of malibu!

heres my must do list for the summer:

These are my lovely new converse i recieved as a birthday present I haven't wore converse fore past 4 years, I forgot how amazingly comfortable they are and versatile they look great with lacey leggings or a prim little dress. The ballet shoe pink colour will always be my favourite and if I do end up going to any festival this year they will be my shoe of choice!
here below is some 'punk stud' bracelets I got out of Next honestly Im addicted to them remind me of being eighteen with no worries and alot of bruises from trying to skateboard. layered up with a little daisy chain!
I'm going to start posting awards on blogs that I have had favourited for quite some time so hopefully it will cheer up someones day! I will list on my site the sites that have been awarded. Hope everyone is having a beautiful summer so far.. remember apply sunfactor!

                                                                          Lots of Love
                                                                           Rosie xo


greystrawberrys said...

Beautiful photos! <3

I love to-do lists, you've inspired me to do one too :)

I'm after a Diana F+ with an Instant back as it's pretty much the same as polaroid (I think) and Urban Outfitters website sell them! I got my cat holga from there <3 It'll set you back around £200 though. So worth it xD

I love converse. I have some black low tops, and those pink ones are equally as cool!

Hope your okay <3


Tom said...

Wuw. Nice photos. ;-) I feel the spring from the photos.

Krimly said...

lovely photos!!


tiana said...

the strawberries!!!!

Bridget said...

The last photo is sooo cute!
and your hair is amazing!
I'm now following you because your blog is so cute! :)

elly said...

what a lovely little list to cross off during the summer. i adore the paper you used.
ps. thank you so much for the wonderful words you left me!

Anonymous said...

I must digg your post so other people are able to see it, really helpful, I had a tough time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

- Joe