Tuesday, 13 July 2010

little miss dainty doll gets a new tattoo....

I didnt really! Has anyone seen these little cuties from topshop?

Makes me think of being a little girl craving for the bubblegum with the free tattoo in the wrapper. I was never allowed bubble gum, I had hair to my bum and would have probably ended up entangled in my locks. I had one on my wrist and ankle to wind my mum up, she really did nearly hit the roof. I do actually have two tattoos, I have a pink bow with a little heart on the back of my neck & a musical stave with 'Pain is Beauty' written in pretty writing on my leg.

Today I went shopping with my beautiful little mummy to be Carlie. Auntie Rosie in less than one month! I picked up this amazing little bunny day dress in TKMAXX for £11! it is toothachingly cute!

My next blog post is going to be featuring the lovely Kat McDonald, she is a local photographer and I fawn over all her photos, Its like a local ID magazine spread everytime she uploads her facebook I am like ooooooh pretty. Can't wait! I notice my list of followers is growing and I've recieved lots of lovely blog comments, thankyou to the people who comment frequently the support is very much appreciated!

Love Rosie xo


LadyNoir said...

Your blog is really cute^^
thank you for the comment:)
we should star following each other!!


Bárbara said...

Thank you for your comment! :D

These temporary tattoos look so much fun. I used to wear them all the time maybe 10 years ago when they came with magazines but they were so tacky haha.

And omg I love your hair!

Fashion Cents said...

your blog is so cute and girly. i love it!

kristine flatland larsen said...

the sparrow was soo cute!

La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

Hello darling!
Thanks so much for your comment- however I think that living in scotland is COMPLETELY cool, and even though I live in the states, I live in Texas,not NY or LA =\
Also, you guys have a TKMAXX? We have a TJMAXX over here, and it basically sells moderately priced things for really REALLY cheap. I love it.

Ligeia said...

The tatto thingy is really cute! But what makes me droll is your hair! I adore it ^-^

cute dress too


Ligeia said...

sorry for the previous comment, I mistaken the windows :(


Ligeia said...

Oh la la!!

J'adore ta robe. Tres jolie


Ciara said...

That bunny dress is too cute.

beneath the glass said...

Hi Rosie! Cute dress! Thanks for your recent comment on my blog- hope you'll stop by again and follow. I will follow you for sure :)