Friday, 8 July 2011

Shine a Buttercup Under Your Chin.

 Hello Beauties, hope the sun in shining and there are masses of buttercups in your fields, these set of photos are taken by me featuring my lovely friend Amy, she nicked my new shirt and off we skipped to take some pretty photos until we got chased by a herd off cows (nosey creatures). She reminds me a little bit of Dita Von Teese/Zoey Dechanel.

shirt: urban outfitters
belt: amys own
satchel: urban outfitters
headband: newlook (as seen in earlier post)
ring: amys own
tshirt: topshop
pink bracelets: pie in the sky


Alice In Fashionland said...

Those pictures are beautiful!

April said...

Pretty girls! :)

Alishyamcstay said...

Hey, I think your blog is really beautiful :) Do you take all these photos yourself? They always make me smile, so pretty! xxx

Meggy said...

I've nominated you for the 'One Lovely Blog Award', go on my blog to find out more.


Hello Naka said...

the photos look so cute and beautiful :) i lvoe the satchel too :D

Marisa Noelle said...

These are so beautiful and stunning and I adore that song!! When I was scrolling down through your photos I really thought you gathered them from somewhere, I am in awe that you took these!! Would you mind if I used the floral crown one on my tumblr...I would link it back to your blog? If not, it's all good...I'm just a huge lover of floral crowns and I find that photo so inspiring. Thanks for your sweet comment darling...following you now:) xx Marisa

Sue Lyn said...

You're so pretty! and i love your hair!

i was planning on getting my hair dyed pink too. Don't think it'll suit me tho:/ haha

esracious said...

in love with photographs!

azu said...

Wonderful pictures! You're so pretty. And I really like your ring!

Love your blog...I'm now following :)