Saturday, 2 July 2011

theres beauty in your backyard.

I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do,
                                  now there's poetry, in an empty coke can.
                               I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do,
                                    now there's majesty, in a burnt out caravan.

 Hello Lovely Readers ...A series of cute photos that will hopefully put a smile on your face and encourage you to open your eyes WIDE the next time you go to sit down your own garden. Like the lyrics above from the band Guillemotts 'Made Up Love Song' being in love or being happy gives you the ability to be inspired and look beyond mundane life. These are all taken in my very own secret garden on a canon 450d camera.  please do not redistribute these without asking.

playsuit: lovelabel
ring: gift
book: star girl by jerry spinelli
headband: topshop
dipdye hair colour: paintbox pretty flamingo


Meggy said...

Nice nice nice photos.


Lady Cupcake said...

thankyou meggy! will leave some comments on your lovely blog! i'm loving the lookbook feel of your work
Love Rosie xo

jamie said...

wow, beautiful photos!!!

jamie said...

lovely collection of photos dear :)

thank you for stopping by my blog miss cupcake! i am following you now!! your blog is so cool and i hope to see you visit me soon!

have a great weekend! xo

j. said...

these pictures are beautiful

thanks for stopping by my blog

Much Love ♡

+ Jess +