Friday, 19 August 2011

curvy girl in a skinny girls world.

When most blogs are a "picture a day" or "what I wore" blog. I find it increasingly hard to compete.
I have a fabulous wardrobe, I am often invited to style for photos shoots but yet cannot have
the confidence to take a full length picture for my blog. Are these hangups from looking are the ever airbrushed and tiny models featured in the adverts of my favourite brands?
Are they from magazines which document celebrities berating them for putting on a couple of
pounds and congratulating when they emerge emancipated more bones the better?
Kate Moss once mentioned "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". How about nothing feels as good as self empowerment and embracing your natural body shape no matter if you are naturally petite or full of curves. Maybe such a high and respected just a 5'6 model should be citing more postive views on her attentive & impressionable fans, especially being a mother of a young daughter herself.
One day I will set up my tripod and begin to take photos and not screw my face up in disgust when I view them.
Fashion will always have a place for the blessed tiny ladies amoung us but that doesnt mean I can't still be a part of it.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you here Rosie, however from what I can see on facebook, you are an absolutely gorgeous curvy (but thin curvy in all the right places) intelligent and creative woman. Don't let it get to you, life's too short, be proud of who you are, embrace your womanhood and show them all how beautiful you are <3 xx

Trixie said...

In response to Kate Moss...

I hope you get past your shyness with body image. You look amazing and you'll rock and rock your own style.

I'd love to see more pic of you!

I have the opposite problem. I would post on lookbook etc if I had a camera. :(

- Trix xo