Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dress Me Up Vintage - Part One

One of my favourite things as a little girl was playing dress up! I love and still adore rummaging in other peoples wardrobes and jewellery boxes! so when I was asked to style for a lovely young miss named Jillian who owns 'Cotton Fields Vintage' most recent photo shoot for there newely launched and very pretty website. I squealed like a very small excited child.

Jillian is not just another 'vintage' shop owner she carefully researches future fashion trends so her clothes reflect what is in style, are carefully sourced, one off and at prices a fashionista can afford. Ranging from the glorious 1950s to the dizzying 1980s your sure to find a something different. 
Her site gives regular blog updates, fashion forecasts and fashion tips how best to wear your newely aquired gladrags. 

Here are some photo's from the first photo shoot 'Berliner' mixing business with pleasure, and boy shapes with girly accessories. The  marvellous photographer that is Scott Critchon shot the following
and there will be some sneaky little outtakes from yours truely on part two of this post.


part two of this photoshoot will be up tommorow to celebrate the
opening day of 'Cotton Field's along with a special
suprise for my followers from the lovely Jillian!

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Meggy said...

These are brilliant! Good job on the styling.