Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Cute Gift Ideas

hello today!! haha. this is a giant cupcake maker from those clever people at how yummy does that look? i have the urge to buy one for my mum who is really good in the kitchen for her christmas (just so she can make me one) its £29.95. its huge it says it gives about 11-12 servings! if something more dainty is more your thing they do also have this
cupcake kit with all the things you need for the perfect little cupcake its
£11.95 from the same site.

I thought i had to share these for ideas for secret santa or just stocking fillers. (firebox too haha) you all remember supermario for the gameboy yes? these are the littles characters from it. you can find them on for just £5.99 i'm sure you can store hair clasps,earrings or even sewing pins in the little tins once you have ate all the sweets. i love them they are so retro.


Anonymous said...

she's sweet.. like one of those tiny biscuits iced gems.. a little biscuit, a little icing.. she's pretty.. like a pink stain bow in a little girls' hair..
she's firey.. like the first flames on a bonfire..
she's loyal.. like a lioness, protecting her cubs..
she's my friend.. rosie.

Rosie said...

awwww thnkyou miss k.valentine xoxoxo