Saturday, 1 May 2010

Let US eat cake.

                 People should be free to embrace themselves. Through their own personal style or their own body shape.

My blogs are usually quite light hearted but this once is about something that needs to be addressed since it affects followers of fashion so much in particular. We often hear of tiny models being declined jobs on the run way and maybe think nothing of it, But what about when it hits home. One of my best friends (who is a beautiful girl with a beautiful figure) showed me a deeply worrying site on the internet that not only actively encourages girls to lose weight but to post picture updates of their actual weight loss onto the site each every few weeks to show their progress. I was stunned looking at the site which also showed a gallery called ‘Thinspiration’ with a collection of skeletal girls to look up to as some sort of idols. Ironically there was also a link which you could ‘donate’ to keep the site running like some sort of sick charity. My friends all have lovely figures, personality are smart young woman; these sites should be banned from targeting people such as our friends and family who perhaps are lacking body confidence. We are under constant influence throughout our lives by media dictating the perfect image when most of the advertising and music videos thrown at us are airbrushed to perfection. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of losing a little weight, then a little more then it growing into an obsession which causes abundance of pain, health issues and in the worst scenarios death.

So let’s just be happy with who we are, shun these ridiculous sites, and if we are unhappy with our body shape a healthy eating programme and regular exercise with the support of our loved ones, not starving ourselves on mad fad diets.


                   Love Rosie xo
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Trixie said...

<3 Very much agreed.
Here's another good article on the matter.

One day I'd like to write about it myself when I start blogging.

-Trix x

rebecca said...

If that is the M&S Millionaire's Shortcake then I envy you so much!!! It's so incredibly amazing :p