Sunday, 2 May 2010

fairest of them all.

mirror mirror on the wall. what do you keep in your makeup bag?
I thought I would empty the contents of my makeup bag as I love comparing what makeups i use
and what my own friends use. these
are the ones I swear by and worship especially numbers 7 & 10.

  1. St Ives- Blemish Scrub I used this twice a day or my skin does not like me.
  2. Gwen Stefani Perfume- Smells like coconuts and reminds me of florida
  3. Black nail polish- for emergencys such as when i stain my nails with dye or fake tan
  4. Barry M lipstick in shade 146. cannot go anywhere without this.
  5. Loreal Bronzer in brunette (comes with little brush too)
  6. Urban Decay eyeshadow (oilslick)sparkly black perfect for nights out.
  7. my baby. Rimmel mascara - The Maxx. people often ask if my eyelashes are fake when i use this badboy
  8. Barry M blusher in no2
  9. Fake Bake self tan- best self tan EVER
  10. Benefit- Boing concealor- only concealor that actually works
  11. the silver stick (i forgot to number) is Benefit Playstick foundation.
whats your swear by products.
Love Rosie xo


greystrawberrys said...

ahh :) I love that mascara, it gives beautiful volume. I recently tried benefit bo-oing in the big beautiful eyes palette and its amazing!

A few things i swear on are;
MUFE HD foundation & cream camoflage palette no1
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion
Mac well dressed blush, fix+, bare study paint pot, equality lipstick
Rimmel French Rose nail polish

cute blog :) xoxox

Trixie said...

For skin care I only use Simple products as they're cheap and one of the few things that doesn't irritate my skin.
I splashed out and bought the ridiculously expensive Clarisonic Pro and it really is the savior of my skin, just one day without it and my skin starts to go depot.
I do have StIves Apricot Scrub but only use it if I feel some major exfoliating needs done.

I use:
- Loreal Paris Infalable foundation in Porcelain. Really nice covererage and matt finish.
-Collection 2000 powder. Only make that does powder pale enough.
-Natural Collection blush in Pink Cloud. A cute dolly girl pink.
-Cherry Carmex. Saviour of chapped lips and works well as a non sticky gloss. Plus two seperate boys have told me kisses taste nice while I've been wearing it.
-Sports Girl Liquid Eyeliner. Honestly I first bought it because it was the cheapest one I could find, but it's perfectly acceptable in comparison with more expensive brands.
-Huge fake eyelashes from whatever brand has nice styles at the moment!

That's my essentials. Urban Decay do good eyeshadow but it's not often I wear it. I look gobby in lip stick unless I'm pouting and my nails are too long for nail varnish.

- Trix x