Friday, 1 July 2011

Dressing Up Days.

Taking a step back from the oh so grown up and fussy world of fashion was a photoshoot with my dear sweet friend Antonia, where I tried to to bring back
the days of dressing up, sitting enchanted at the ballet mavelling at the dresses and feeling the possibilty of being a princess when you grew up was quite high percentage. I wanted to shoot something childlike and fun taking some of my inspiration from the Juicy Couture and adverts for Vera Wang's "Princess'' adverts
the cat that caused all the trouble ...

                                                                      dress: Eucyluptus
                                                                      shoes: Irregular Choice
                                                                      jewellery: Tarina Tarantino
                                                                      sneakers: Converse


Ashleigh Duncan said...

Ahh I love the Irregular Choice boxes and the kitty! :D I've got 3 Irregular Choice boxes that I refuse to get rid of!


Lady Cupcake said...

I think I love the box as much as the shoes think I have 6 boxes haha keep all the junk and jewellery in them. Loving your blog ashley!
Love rosie xo

Alice In Fashionland said...

Ooh, I have the same Irregular Choice shoes, the turquoise ones! Very pretty shot and cute kitty!

MaNAa said...

love your pics such a cute dress <3 like a sweet lolita doll from japan <3